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App Download Page UI : Creating a Flutter app for Downloading multiple apps for user need.In day to day life millions of applications are downloads in playstore,applestore.

using the following steps gives below

ListView is a very important widget in a flutter. It is use to create the list of children But when we want to create a list recursively without writing code again and again then ListView.builder is used instead of ListView.  ListView.builder creates a scrollable, linear array of widgets.

ListView.builder is a powerful Flutter widget use for efficiently creating scrollable lists or grids of items. It’s particularly useful when dealing with a large number of items because it creates items on-demand as the user scrolls, reducing memory usage and improving performance. Here’s an explanation of its main components:

  1. itemCount: This property defines the number of items in the list. It specifies how many times the itemBuilder function will be call.
  2. itemBuilder: This callback function is call for each item in the list. It takes two arguments: BuildContext and int index. You’re responsible for returning the widget for the item at the given index.
  3. shrinkWrap: If set to true, the ListView will take up only as much vertical space as needed to display its children. It can be useful when the ListView is placed inside another scrollable widget.
  4. physics: Defines the scrolling behavior. You can choose from various options like BouncingScrollPhysicsClampingScrollPhysics, and more, depending on how you want the scrolling to behave.
  5. scrollDirection: Specifies the direction in which the list should scroll. It can be either Axis.vertical (default) for a vertical list or Axis.horizontal for a horizontal list.

Full code:App Download Page UI

App Download Page UI

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