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Add to Cart using Provider in Flutter:Adding the product in cart using the provider State Management in Flutter.When developing the front-end app, it is necessary to handle the responses to each event triggered by UI activity. Technically, we must manage the state of UI components that change due to end-user interaction.


The Provider is a state management solution that extends and simplifies Inherited Widgets. It is a versatile and powerful state manager that allows you to deliver data to any widget in your app. Also, it is fast and optimize to rebuild only the widgets that need to be update.

Three essential components of Flutter Provider state management: 

Before using the provider state management in the Flutter app, we must first understand these basic concepts:

  1. ChangeNotifier
  2. ChangeNotifierProvider
  3. Consumer

ChangeNotifier is a class that notifies its listeners when something changes. It is a more straightforward method for a limited number of listeners. It notifies its listeners about changes to the model using the notifyListeners() method.


ChangeNotifierProvider is a widget that delivers a ChangeNotifier instance. The code excerpt below will help you understand how it works.


It is a widget with a builder function that is used to build the UI based on model updates. The builder function will pass the context, counter, and child parameters. Context is the same as every other widget creation function. The CounterModel member that was notice for change is the counter. For optimization, the third argument child is use.

Using Provider for state management in Flutter

To use Provider in your Flutter app, create a new project first, then add the following line to your pubspec.yaml file’s dependencies block:

     provider: ^5.0.0
Adding Product to Cart Example




List of product details provides the details of product name, images,index

Product Screen.dart

Provider State management in Flutter


Provider State management in Flutter
Provider State management in Flutter

Remove from the list:

To remove the product item from the list use the remove widget method which is giving below

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