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Search List in Flutter:

Search List in Flutter:Flutter search in ListView is a powerful and essential functionality to have in any app that deals with large amounts of data. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of implementing search functionality in a Flutter app using ListView.

StatefulWidget are mutable by nature where we want to change our widgets for multiple times we make use of this StatefulWidget

So first i am creating List of items as below .

Search List in Flutter

A controller for an editable text field.

Whenever the user modifies a text field with an associated TextEditingController, the text field updates value and the controller notifies its listeners. Listeners can then read the text and selection  properties to learn what the user has typed or how the selection has updated.

An object that can use a stateful widget to obtain the keyboard focus and to handle keyboard events.

Dispose is a method triggers whenever the created object from the stateful widget removes permanently from the widget tree. It is generally overridden and calls only when the state object is destroyed. Dispose releases the memory allocated to the existing variables of the state. It is only use in a stateful widget because you cannot change the state of a stateless widget.

In some cases, it’s useful to run a callback function every time the text in a text field changes. For example, you might want to build a search screen with autocomplete functionality where you want to update the results as the user types.

How do you run a callback function every time the text changes? With Flutter, you have two options:

  1. Supply an onChanged() callback to a TextField or a TextFormField.
  2. Use a TextEditingController.

It’s important to use  characters when dealing with user input, as text may contain complex characters. This ensures that every character is counted correctly as they appear to the user.

Empty List

Search List in Flutter

List the element

Search List in Flutter

Full Code:Search List in Flutter

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