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Implement Star Rating in Flutter:Most mobile applications and websites about e-commerce, ride-hailing, e-learning services, etc., have a function that allows users to rate products or services with the highest rating of 5 stars. or 10 stars. 

In this article I will show you how to implement a rating bar in your Flutter application. A rating bar is generally composed of 5 stars and allow your user to rate a product, an article or anything else. You can also use a rating bar to show informations to your application user like fat, calories, prices of a receipe. What ever is your application subject you always need a rating bar somewhere in your Flutter application.

Install the dependency

First of all, create a small basic project to test rating bar dependency. I will show you step by step how to do this from a scratch project

Implement Star Rating in Flutter:Install the Plugin

1. Add flutter_rating_bar and its latest version to the dependencies section in your pubspec.yaml file by performing this:

2.Import it into your Dart code:

Star rating bar code
Rating summary code
Dialog Rating code

The flutter_rating_bar package has a number of parameters that you can use to customize the appearance and behavior of the rating bar. Some of the most common parameters include:

  • allowHalfRating: Whether or not to allow users to select half ratings.
  • direction: The direction of the rating bar, either Axis.horizontal or Axis.vertical.
  • itemCount: The number of rating items in the bar.
  • itemSize: The size of each rating item.
  • itemBuilder: A function that builds the rating items.
  • minRating: The minimum rating that the user can select.
  • maxRating: The maximum rating that the user can select.
  • rating: The current rating of the bar.
  • unratedColor: The color of the rating items when they are unrated.
Full Code

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Rating Bar In Flutter
Rating Bar in Flutter

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