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Change App Launcher Icon and Name:When we build a mobile application in android or ios platforms, we have to change the default app name and launcher icon to a preferred name and icon. This will most useful when launching an app to the play store or app store. This article will focus on how to change both app name and app icon from scratch in the flutter framework.

Change the app launcher name

When changing the app launcher name, you can follow up on 2 methods and those will describe as follows.

  • Using rename package

You can find more information by visiting this rename package

Using rename package, you have to follow simple steps as below.

  1. Go to your terminal and use the pub global activate rename command.

Then you can see that the rename package” is activated.

2. Use command pub global run rename --appname “yourappname”

You can see that the app name has been successfully changed into the preferred name

We finished the app launcher name change, and next, we will focus on how to change the app launcher icon in the flutter framework.

Change the app launcher icon

It is important to mention that when changing the app launcher icon better to choose a high-resolution icon. You can generate an Android app launcher icon through an Android icon generator or you can either design a launcher icon that suits your application using another 3rd party application. Then follow the below steps to add your launcher icon to your app.

  1. Add created app launcher icon to the assets folder of your project and rename it as desired

2. Navigate to pubspec.yaml file, under dev_dependencies, add the following code snap. Click here to get more information on flutter launcher icons.

Change App Launcher Icon and Name
Change App Launcher Icon and Name

3. Save all changes that you make

4. Go to the terminal, navigates to the flutter project location, and paste and run the following commands

If you follow the above steps, you will end up with a successfully changed app launcher icon and name.

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