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WebView In Flutter:WebViews are mobile components where HTML content is render over a browser inside a mobile app. We will use the

webview_flutter plugin to show web pages in our app.

webview_flutter is a Flutter plugin. It provides a WebView widget on Android and iOS. WebView widget has the following properties.

Properties Of WebView

onWebViewCreated: This function is invoke once when the web view is created.

initialUrl: The initial URL of the web resource.

javascriptMode: It is used to enable JavaScript in the WebView.

javascriptChannels: The set of JavascriptChannels available to JavaScript code running in the WebView.

navigationDelegate: A delegate function that decides how to handle navigation actions.

onPageStarted: This function is invoke when a page starts loading.

onPageFinished: This function is invoke when a page has finished loading.

onProgress: This function invoked when a page loading started.

: It is use to Controls debugging in WebView by doing its value true but the default debuggingEnabled is false.

gestureNavigationEnabled: A Boolean value indicating whether horizontal swipe gestures will trigger back-forward list navigations. Its default value is false.

allowsInlineMediaPlayback: Inline playback of HTML5 videos controlled by this property on iOS. Android allows it by default. Its default value is false.

zoomEnabled: It indicates whether the WebView should support zooming using its on-screen zoom controls and gestures. Its default value is true.

backgroundColor: The background color of the WebView.

Step-1 -> Firstly, add the webview_flutter dependency in the pubspec.yaml file.

Step– 2 -> Run ‘flutter pub get‘ command.

After this, we are ready to write our code.


Full Code:WebView In Flutter

WebView In Flutter

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